Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh dear.......

................yyyyyeeeaaaaahhhhhh somehow I forgot to update this with the last couple picture themes....oops.

Oh well. There are still only two pictures, so I'll just put them both up. :)

Theme from two weeks ago: macro shots

Last week's theme: sepia

(civil war ball anybody? :)

Ok. There we go. This week's theme is "Splash of Color" but I haven't worked that one out yet, so I'll post again later. :)


Daniel Sanchez said...

I love close up pictures! They look so cool every time!

So do you take the picture for the week during that week? Or do you use old pictures too?

Talia Grace said...

Thanks! :P

Um, I do a mixture of both, but for the most part recently I've been busy enough that I've just dug up old pics. The flower shot is from last May, and the dress is January of last year. :)