Thursday, March 5, 2015

Picture within a Picture

Hey guys!
So, Sophie in particular has complained that I don't post on this thing very much anymore, as well as a couple other people here and there. SO. I am going to try and fix that.

As a part of the online stuff I've been doing for school, there is a forum for other students (also enrolled in with this online stuff), for people to get to know each other, answer questions, help prepare for tests, etc. And on that forum, I have discovered a weekly photography competition, (!!!!!) which I am now participating in. So, every week or so, I will share my entries on here too, that way, (hopefully) this blog won't die.....again. :)

This week's theme was Picture Within a Picture:


Daniel Sanchez said...

Woah....Those are cool pictures!

Talia Grace said...

Yay, someone still watches this thing. :D