Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Note Cards Fundraiser

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

[if you read my other blog, there is a good chance you've already read this ;) ]

      So, as some of you know, my family is adopting again! And, with the hopes of being able to travel with my parents to pick up my sibling(s) in Ethiopia.... (next year maybe?), I am beginning a photo card fund raiser sale!  

      There are 6 themes of photos available that you can pick from, either by theme, or by a mixture of themes if you want: Children, Nature, Animals, Flowers, France, and Miscellaneous :-P  All the pictures were taken by either me, or my mom.

12 cards with envelopes are $24, or $3 individually. (plus shipping, if you are out of town).

      I am unable to guarantee specific photos if you are purchasing for the holiday season, but after the holidays I will be much more flexible if you have a request for a special photo.  You are also welcome to schedule a time with me to come pick out the ones you'd like, if you want to come look at them. Otherwise, let me know if you are interested, how many you would like, and which theme(s), and we will send you a selection.  I am posting a selection of each theme here in a minute. I will also post this on my other blog with more photos later if you want to give that a look. Thanks for considering this, and please feel free to spread the word!

You can direct any questions to many.small.blessings@gmail.com or to my regular email. :-)


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