Friday, June 21, 2013


Do you ever stop to think.....
                                                many people pass you every day?

In the streets, your home,......on the the grocery store or gas station......

Hundreds of people speed by you everyday in a blur of motion, distraction, faces, and emotion.

You've never met most of them. Many of them you will never see again.
How many?
How many?
How many are lonely?
How many are hidden behind closed doors? Of wood, of flesh, of soul?

How many feel lost in chaos, pain, confusion,...?

Now listen closely. This is the most important question to ask yourself.

Who have I touched?
Who have I loved?
Who remembers me?

I have the truth!
I know the path to life!
I am loved by an Almighty God, and I know it.

How many?
How many?
How many of the people surrounding you are blinded, lost, hurt, seeking?

Leadership is influence. You can't lead to Christ if you can't reach out. And if you don't reach out, you only lead down the wrong path.

You are called to share the love of Christ! Who is going to know Him if you stay in your own little corner, your own little bubble, your own life? Do you influence people for Christ by only waiting for them to come to you? To ask you? No! You go out and you make an impact, you show the world that you are different.

That difference is Christ!

People leave their marks on the world everywhere. You can see it walking down the street. You can hear it on the radio. You can feel it in the atmosphere of a garden,...or a restaurant...or a home.

They left their mark. They made an impact. Was it so hard?

What are we doing? Why are we waiting? Now is all we have.

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Drake Christensen said...

That is extremely thought provoking.....